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Carrtunes Jazz Band

3 - 8 Musicians - Music of the 20's, 30's and 40's


 SUMMER LESSON DISCOUNT   8 half hour or 4 one hour.  $199.

 Lessons may be scheduled at your convenience during the months of June, July and August.



Lesson prices

$140.   4 week month   4 half hour or 2 one hour . SAVE $20. 

$300.  10 half hour or 4 one hour.    SAVE $100.

 $40.     half hour.  $75.   one hour.


Cancellations:  Lesson credit with a one week notice only. 

All other cancellations with a 24 hour notice, must be made up or paid for.  No make ups for make ups.



Donn Carr   Music education: Berklee College of Music

Donn has worked with some of the best musicians in the country. His playing is innovative, and above all musical. He has performed at most major clubs and hotels in the New England area, including the Copa Cabana in New York City. As a leader he strives to maintain the integrity of the music and allows each of his musicians ample time and space to stretch out and play.

As an author of four innovative drum books, he was featured on the cover of Drum World Magazine along with Louie Bellson, Joe Morello and Ed Shaughnessy.

Donn's teaching career has been interesting and varied. From his early work with several drum and bugle corps to numerous private students, he has covered everything from traditional to contemporary styles. Many of his former students have become very successful. Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani) Jim Gwinn (Boston Pop’s).

Donn Carr appeared in Adam Sandlers movie Grown-ups along with Kevin James, Chris Rock and Salma Hayek. On 10/16/09 and 12/10/10 Donn also performed with Joan Rivers at the Wilbur theater in Boston.




 Jonathan Mover 


KG: Let's get right into it. Where did you grow up and when did you start playing drums?

JM: I grew up in a town north of Boston and I started playing when I turned 13. I had tried drums in fourth grade, in elementary school. It was the kind of deal where nobody could play at that point and there wasn't anyone who specialized in teaching just one instrument. The band was terrible and I was using sticks the size of 3S's, so I decided to leave it for a couple of years. I started thinking about it seriously when I was about 13 and requested drum lessons for my birthday. I had a teacher that really encouraged me. His name is Donn Carr and he was one of the bigger teachers in the area. He had a nice little grading system where he would give you an E, V, G, or F each week (excellent, very good, good and FAIL!). This really made me try to get straight E's. So that was really the beginning of it.

So you have always been a drummer and haven't really played any other instruments seriously?

JM: Yes, it was really the drums from the very beginning. I was always interested in music because it was around my house so much when I was growing up. My father was a professional musician (a brass player) and my sister played piano, but the only instrument that caught my full attention was drums. I started out on a wooden pad that my father had built for me and gradually worked my way up to my first set of drums, which was a Japanese kit called a Black Jack.

How long did you study with Donn Carr and what did you do from that point?

JM: I was with Donn for about a year or so. He taught me all the fundamentals: rudiments, dance music, jazz, rock, Latin, reading and all the basics that a first drum teacher would teach. After that, most everything came on my own. I started listening and practicing to records. One of the differences that I can attribute to my playing style today, relative to my friends at the time, is that I practiced and listened to Frank Zappa and English progressive rock. So here I was fourteen years old and I am playing to stuff by Aynsley Dunbar, Chester Thompson, Terry Bozzio, Genesis, Yes, ELP Crimson and Pink Floyd. Those are the people and bands that I was trying to cop what the drummers were doing. In that respect, I think I had a head start on grasping the more difficult side of drumming as far as odd-times, polyrhytms and technique.

KG: You've talked about clinics and teaching. Do you have a set of students?

JM: Yes, I have students. I only do it on the side, but it is fun for me and I do learn from it as well. I'm more of a show-er than a teacher. Someone like Donn Carr can take a student and teach them from the start. I can't do that; I don't know how. I like to work with students that are beyond that stage.

KG: Jonathan, thank you for your time, a wonderful interview, and good luck.

JM: Thank you.



Students & Friends

After more than 50 years in the music business as a teacher and a player, I was so fortunate to be able to make a living doing what I like most. Thanks to Facebook I am able to stay in contact with many students and musician friends.

Thank you for the memories. Donn Carr.



Got asked the question today other than your parents who influenced you the most in your life . I had to say it was my drum teacher, friend and boss for over twenty years of my life Donn Carr . I learned a lot of life lessons in my years being a student and working in the drum shop!!

By Kenny Lewis

Someone like Donn Carr can take a student and teach them from the start.

By Jonathan Mover


Funny story I was trying to play the zep song good times bad times he wrote it out in 5 min then played the whole thing and threw in the Immigrant song just for good measure hahahahaha he made it soooo fun and easy!! miss him too we are lucky we had a lot of great teachers on the north shore Donn Carr as well! great teachers and great guys !

 Mark Donovan


The Teacher Of the century where would His students be with out Great Teachers like him he’s the best.

 Karl Rosten

Mr. Carr has been a buzz name since I moved to Peabody 36 years ago. My uncle, the comedian and ham of the family, also played bass and sang for the troops at a USO show, featuring Don Carr's Jazz Band. This veteran of the stage made use of his talent and literally started from the basement. he was the go to man for teaching, mostly drums at first. Young musicians, thirsty for knowledge made his studio in Peabody a key pivital spot. Don's easy going attitude is contagious which makes being around him usually a pleasant experience. I stress usually . Not to forget his sence of humor. What more can I say exept Don is still teaching by lessons, actions, achievements, longevity, etc. etc etc... In ending we are proud of you for progressing in such times.

By Anthony Gravallese

Hi Donn. Hope all is good. Still playing, just not as much. Stay well my teacher, my friend.

By Jay Berlin 

You make the Eames set look good and sound great!

The mentor to so many great drummers.

By Steve Diantgikis 

The mentor to so many great drummers.

By Steve Bam Brophy

A Northshore legend.

By John Demarkis 

You have never aged. As my former drum teacher in Peabody Sq, I thank you.

By Edward Gardner 

If anybody on the North Shore is looking for drum lessons. Donn is your man.

By Mark Roderick 

Great player and teacher.

By Glen Rogers

.First time playing drums in 35 years! Thx Donn Carr 

Still have a 10 piece in my attic. It's probably fried being up there but couldn't part with them. Spent a lot of time at Donn Carr's in my youth! Have fun practicing your rudiments!

 By Rob Reichert










































































































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